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There Should Be More

Imagine a child that has never had the opportunity to do any sports, have music lessons or anything other than go to school and come home.  There should be so much more than just going to school and coming home.

F.R.O.G. wants children to be able to go to summer camps, have swimming lessons, learn to play soccer, golf or the piano. F.R.O.G. pays for extracurricular activities for foster children and children in need.  We have paid for camps for children in need and those at risk.  And "oh boy" what joy it has brought to them and to us.

No Socks, No Underwear

I had no idea that children often went without socks and underwear.  They are expensive and "not seen".  One teenager was thrilled that we had the brand of new shoes that he wanted.  I asked him about socks.  He said he didn't need them because they cost too much.  He had NEVER had socks.  

When we fill a request, each child gets at least one pair of new shoes and seven pairs of new socks.  They are also provided with seven pairs of underwear.  It isn't about what is "not seen", it is about what every child deserves.


"Better Than Nothing"

Some people think it's "better than nothing", but we want the children we serve to be proud of what they are wearing. At Froggy's Closet, we make sure that the clothing we provide is new or "like new".  All clothing must be free of holes, pills and stains.  

We all know, if you are wearing clothes you like, it builds self confidence.  We want this for each and every child.

"Look At My New Shoes"

Do you remember your own children saying "look at my new shoes"? Or do you remember saying this yourself?  I do believe all children deserve new shoes.  We are able to do this because of YOU, our community, churches and generous individuals that know how good it feels to give back.  


Our annual shoe drive happens each February.  For the entire month, we encourage donations of "new shoes" so we can continue to provide each child a pair and hope that they too, can say, "look at my new shoes" and be proud of what they are wearing.


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